Ø26×30 cm fabric pot black/green – 15 liter

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Improved root growth thanks to “Air Pruning”
The fabric pots permeable to water and air are an ideal alternative to conventional plant pots. Due to the material permeable to air, the water surplus can drain, so that waterlogging nor root decay can build up, both belonging to the past. As the roots in the fabric pot get into contact with air, the result of this is the so-called “air pruning”, which means that individual root shoots dry out and develop sidelong new ones. In the end, this continuous growth process makes sure that many tiny root shoots build up having many strong branches that result in a better provision of the plant rich in nutrients.

Easy and comfortable handling
Due to the essentially lower weight of the fabric pots as compared to traditional plant containers, the fabric pots with a handle can be moved more easily, if a change of place of the container plant is desired. Simultaneously, the HORTOSOL fabric pots are suitable to be used outside on a long-term basis because of the 260g/m² thickness of the material. You can clean the fabric pot by a garden hose or in a washing machine at 30°C at maximum. In case you do not need the fabric pot temporarily, it can be folded and stored space-savingly without any problem.

Target groups and users
The HORTOSOL fabric pots are mainly used by nurseries because of the reasonable purchase price of the pots and the favorable growth characteristics of the plants. However, private users have meanwhile also known these advantages and increasingly rely on HORTOSOL fabric pots where the plants can fantastically grow and prosper.

Volume: 15 liters

Diameter: 26 cm

Height: 30 cm

Material: non-woven fabric

Material thickness: 260 g/m² – 1.5 mm

Material properties: air and water permeable

Color pot: black

Color handle: green

Manufacturer: HORTOSOL

Advantages of the breathable and water-permeable fabric pots:
– Improved root growth
– No waterlogging
– Light weight
– Space-saving storage

Important notes
Due to the breathable fabric pots it is necessary to increase watering with comparison to conventional plant pots. Please use a tray if using the pot on sensitive floors inside.