Hammered reflector 50x43x15 cm for CFL and HPS/MH

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This hammered reflector for CFL and HPS/MH provides a very high quality and is not comparable to conventional reflectors. It has the hammered finish preferred by some growers to achieve optimal light reflection. The backside and E40-arm is extra enhanced to cope with the large weight of the lamps. This avoids the usually “hanging down” of heavy energy saving lamps. Fixing points for the reflector are on the top, simply fold them up and attach your Easy Roll hangers. The reflector comes fitted with an IEC connector for connection to a ballast for the use of HPS/MH bulbs. For the use of CFL bulbs, an additional IEC to mains power cable is required.

Size: 50x43x15 cm (LxWxH)

Shape: 7-surfaces

Fixing: Integrated eyelets for attaching Easy Rolls or chains

Lamp holder: E40 – Giant Edison Screw (GES)

Power plug: 4m IEC cable for connection to a ballast when using HPS/MH and
IEC to mains plug (not included) when using a CFL with integrated ballast

Usage: CFL and HPS/NDL (additional ballast required)

Maximum load capacity: 1500 g

Maximum power: 1000 Watt

Manufacturer: HORTOSOL

Light efficiency:
For a good light efficiency a high quality reflector is recommended. Please use a reflector with high light reflexion. This will focuse the light and illuminate your plants very well and efficiently. We can recommend all reflectors from the brand HORTOSOL.

Installation instruction:
Please remove the protective film before using. While installation the CFL lamp the power plug must always be unplugged. Screw in the fragile lamps carfully and do not handle them by the glass.

Net weight: 1.9 kg

Packing unit: 2 pcs./ctn.
Packing: 59.5x41x19.5 cm
Gross weight: 5.0 kg