Cooltube reflector 150mm x 490mm – 6″

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HPS/MH bulbs reach operating temperatures over 300° Celsius and as a consequence the ambient temperature is raising too much. To avoid this heat problem HORTOSOL specifically designed the Cooltube reflector for the use of HPS/MH lamps. At this light fixture the bulb is installed in a glass tube, which will be connected with a ventilation system. Thanks to this heat dissipation, the lamp can be positioned closer to the plants, with the result of higher light output and depth effect.

On the basis of the hammered reflector with high reflection, the plants are illuminated evenly and very efficiently. The removable reflector allows vertical use in 360° mode, too.

For an easy installation, the reflector comes with integrated eyelets for attaching hanging equipment like Easy Rolls or chains. All Cooltubes from HORTOSOL are already assembled with a 4m long power cable with IEC-plug for connection to the ballast.

Dimension: 49x25x20 cm (LxWxH)

Connection-Ø: 150 mm – (6″)

Shape: 5-surfaces

Material of glass tube: Borosilicate glass

Thickness of glass tube: 2.5 mm

Material of reflecting sheet: Aluminium

Material of connecting flange: Aluminium

Fixing: integrated eyelets for attaching

Lamp holder: E40 – Giant Edison Screw (GES)

Power plug: 4m IEC cable for connection to a ballast

Usage: HPS, MH – (additional ballast required!)

Maximum load capacity: 1500 g

Maximum power: 600 Watt

Manufacturer: HORTOSOL

Light efficiency:
For a good light efficiency a high quality reflector is recommended. Please use a reflector with high light reflexion. This will focuse the light and illuminate your plants very well and efficiently. We can recommend all reflectors from the brand HORTOSOL.

Installation instruction:
Please remove the protective film before using. While installation the lamp the power plug must always be unplugged. Screw in the lamps carfully and do not handle them by the glass.

Packing: 22x21x55 cm
Net weight: 2.3 kg
Gross weight: 2.7 kg

Packing unit: 6 pcs./ctn
Master carton: 66x45x58 cm
Total weight: 18.0 kg