Adjustable rope hanger 1/8′ metal carabiner 68kg 2m

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With the adjustable rope hanger system, you can easily adjust the height of your plant lighting.
Simply attach the reflector to the rope hanger and the desired height can be adjusted continuously.
Complicated assembly and height adjustment with chains is a thing of the past.

Length: 6.5′ – 2 m

Diameter rope: 1/8′ – 32 mm

Material rope: Braided Polyamid

Material carabiner: Metal

Maximum load capacity: 68 kg (pair)

Usage: Continuously variable height adjustment


Installation instruction:
1. Attach the fixed carabiner to a suitable mounting point
2. Attach the loose carabiner at the end of the rope to the product to be hung
3. Pull on the loose rope to raise the height
4. Secure the loose rope end and depress the side lever to lower the height

When opening the cable under load, the loose rope end must be secured. Otherwise, the cable slips unbraked through the hanger.

Net weight: 0.14 kg
Gross weight: 0.19 kg

Packing unit: 100 pcs./ctn
Master carton: 51x35x33 cm
Total weight: 20 kg