31×17.5×17.5 cm XS mini propagator

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For the germination of exotic seeds is a high temperature and humidity required. Greenhouses are indispensable for the cultivation of tropical and subtropical plants. A Propagator will help you to realise these conditions. The HORTOSOL sturdy indoor greenhouse has a dimension of 31×17.5×17.5 cm and has two heat vents in the crystal clear cover for optimal ventilation of your plants. It is suited also for fast growing plants because the internal height of 17.5 cm.


Dimension Propagator: 31×17.5×17.5 cm (LxWxH)

Colour Cover: Clear

Material Cover: Polystyrol

Colour Tray: Green

Material Tray: Polypropylen



Some of the many advantages:
– constant application of heat
– reach higher temperatures
– higher humidity
– no dry soil

Net weight: 0.4 kg

Packing unit
a) 200 Pcs., 80x60cm pallet, 90 kg
b) 400 Pcs., 120x80cm pallet, 175 kg
c) 600 Pcs., 120x100cm pallet, 260 kg