Grow Tent 300x300x200 cm

EAN: 4260398560210


All tubes and clamps are made out of metal with an outside-diameter of 22 mm and a thickness of 1 mm to cope the extra weight of growing equipment without any sagging. For a safe construction and strength the click fit corner clamps lock together with the tubes. Roof bars are provided with the frame to support additional equipment like fans, filters and lighting safely.

HORTOSOL Grow Tents are manufactured with a strong high quality Polyester Oxford 600D fabric for the outer shell, which is lined internally with a 97µm Mylar Polyester Diamond Sheet for a high reflectivity. Because the excellent characteristics of reflectivity hotspots are reduced to a minimum. The complete tent shell is a very robust fabric which is tear, light, air and waterproof. In addition the Tent shell is also soil-resisting and easy to clean. A waterproof separate silver drip tray is also provided for pots or other system to be placed onto.

Because front zipper door and side access panels a good access is guaranteed. Lower, upper and roof ports are integrated for an installation of ventilation equipment. Lower and upper cable access ports existing with a drawstring fastening for snug fixing. All zips are double stitched.


Size: 300x300x200 cm (LxWxH)

Base area: 9.00 m²

Material Tent fabric outside: Polyester Oxford 600D (Denier)

Material Tent fabric inside: 97µm Mylar Polyester Sheet

Material properties of Tent fabric: Light, air and waterproof

Material Corner Clamps / Tubes: Metal / Metal

Outside-diameter / Thickness of Tubes: 22 mm / 1 mm

Maximum load capacity: 60 kg

Ventilation ports 290-0 mm: 2x inlet, 2x outlet

Cooltube ports 240-0 mm: 2x

Cable grommets 80-0 mm: 4x


Carton: 1/2 (Fabric)
EAN: 4260398560418
Packing: 155x33x23.5 cm
Net weight: 20.0 kg
Gross weight: 22.0 kg

Carton: 2/2 (Frame)
EAN: 4260398560425
Packing: 143x25x12.5 cm
Net weight: 22.0 kg
Gross weight: 24.0 kg