20w heated propagator

EAN: 4260398560319


For a germination of exotic seeds is in general a high temperature and humidity needed. Greenhouses are indispensable for the cultivation of tropical and subtropical plants. A Heated Propagator will help you to realise these conditions. The HORTOSOL sturdy indoor greenhouse has a dimension of 37,5x24x19 cm and has 2 heat vents in the crystal clear cover for optimal ventilation of your plants. It is suited also for fast growing plants because the internal height of 19 cm. The 35×20 cm 20 Watt heating mat will produce the required heat. It is made in high quality and can be used also under any other propagator or terrarium.


Dimension Propagator: 37,5x24x19 cm

Colour Cover: Clear

Material Cover: Polystyrol

Colour Tray: Green

Material Tray: Polypropylen

Dimension heat mat: 35×20 cm

Power heat mat: 20 Watt

Power Plug: 1,5m cable with Schuko plug – UK Converter on request available

Voltage: 220-240 Volt

Mains frequency:  50-60 Hz

Temperature range: 28°-31° Celsius (at 20° C ambient temperature)



Some of the many advantages:
– constant application of heat
– reach higher temperatures
– higher humidity
– no dry soil

Net weight: 0.9 kg

EAN: 4260398560289
a) 150 pcs., 80×60cm pallet, 80 kg
b) 400 pcs., 120×100cm pallet, 210 kg
c) 1000 pcs., 2x 120×80cm pallet + 80×60cm pallet, 530 kg

20w heat mat
EAN: 4260398560104